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We are excited that you are here! We hope you like our new look.  We are working to make out website your one stop location for everything pickleball.  We will supply you with news and upcoming pickleball events in Georgia.  We also have links to tournament info, New Places to Play, and tournament partners .

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is not tennis, it’s ping pong on steroids, badminton and tennis with a little dodgeball thrown in! When playing doubles, pickleball is played at the non volley line (kitchen), 14 feet apart and duo on duo! The element of tennis should only be in the first 3 hits of the game. Then the elements of ping pong and badminton come into play. Your goal is to get to the non volley zone and keep your opponent from getting there! Only when you play singles is pickleball played more like tennis. In pickleball you have to master all those different elements, your hard and soft game and softer is better, you have more control in the soft game.

First Things First

First thing you should do is warmup, STRETCH and then relax. Lower your shoulders and conserve energy for when you need it. You should be in a stance that is balanced at all times. Use your feet to shuffle from side to side, staying in balance. Keep your eye on the ball all the way to the paddle and use the pendulum motion to lift the ball, not swing. The most important hit of the game? YOUR SERVE. If you don’t get it in you can’t get points. You should have two different serves.

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